Charcoal Grills

Charcoal Grills for Camping

Charcoal grills allow you to cook over an open flame while camping, backpacking, or enjoying the outdoors. Grilling over charcoal imparts a delicious smoky flavor that gas stoves simply can’t replicate. Our portable charcoal grills are durable, lightweight, and designed specifically for cooking on the go.

Portable Charcoal Camp Grills

Portable charcoal grills are much smaller and lighter than full-sized backyard grills. They are designed for easy transport and quick setup at a campsite or on the trail. Key features include:

  • Compact size folds down for packing
  • Lightweight but durable steel construction
  • Multiple adjustable vents for airflow and temperature control
  • Ash catcher for easy cleanup
  • Legs or stands to elevate grill off ground
  • Carry handles or shoulder strap

Portable charcoal grills allow you to enjoy that charcoal grilled flavor anywhere outdoors. They heat up quickly and are easy to cook on for 1-2 people.

How to Choose a Charcoal Grill for Camping

When selecting a portable charcoal grill, consider the following:

  • Weight – The lighter, the better for carrying on backpacking trips. Heavier models can still be portable for car camping.
  • Size – Make sure the grill is large enough to cook for your group size. Compact grills work for solo travelers or couples.
  • Cooking surface – More surface area allows you to cook larger meals. Look for 100 sq. inches or more.
  • Construction – Durable stainless steel chambers last longer than cheaper aluminum models.
  • Ash management – Grills with ash catchers are easier to clean and contain ashes.
  • Adjustable vents – Vents control airflow and cooking temperature. More vents offer increased control.

Charcoal Grilling Tips

Follow these tips for best results when grilling on a portable charcoal camping grill:

  • Choose lump charcoal over briquettes for faster heating and less ash.
  • Let the coals fully ignite and become covered in gray ash before cooking.
  • Use cooking spray or oil to prevent food from sticking.
  • Move coals to create direct and indirect heat zones.
  • Close the lid between flipping to evenly cook food.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes for coals to cool before disposing ashes.

With a charcoal camp grill you can enjoy that authentic barbecue flavor anywhere outdoors. Browse our collection and find the right grill for your next adventure.

FAQs about Charcoal Camping Grills

What are the benefits of a portable charcoal grill?

Portable charcoal grills allow you to enjoy an authentic grilled flavor anywhere outdoors. They are lightweight and compact for easy transport to campsites, picnics, tailgates, or the beach.

How long do charcoal camp grills take to heat up?

Allow about 10-15 minutes after lighting for the charcoal to fully ignite and burn down to gray ash before cooking. The grill lid can be closed to speed up heating.

What can you cook on a camping charcoal grill?

Anything you would cook over a backyard grill! Hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, chops, kebabs, vegetables, fish, and more. Just watch out for flare-ups from fatty meats.

What is the best fuel for charcoal grills for camping?

Lump charcoal lights faster than briquettes and leaves less ash behind. Natural lump charcoal made from hardwoods provides the best flavor.

How do you put out coals when finished grilling?

Close the vents and lid to cut off oxygen and let coals burn out. Expect 10-15 minutes for coals to fully extinguish before disposing ashes.

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