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Bushcraft Tools for Wilderness Survival

Quality bushcraft tools are designed for carving, chopping, hacking, sawing, and any other handcraft skills needed to survive in the wilderness. Our selection of hand tools for bushcraft and survival includes knives, axes, saws, multitools and more from leading brands.

Bushcraft Knives

A sturdy fixed blade knife is the most essential bushcraft tool. Look for full tang knives with 4-6 inch blades made from high carbon steel. Contoured handles provide a secure grip. Use bushcraft knives for:

  • Wood carving
  • Food prep
  • Shelter construction
  • Fire making
  • Hunting & fishing
  • Self defense

Morakniv and Benchmade craft classic bushcraft knife designs.

Bushcraft Axes

A compact axe chops wood for fires and shelter building faster than a knife. Our collection of bushcraft axes are useful for:

  • Chopping kindling
  • Felling trees
  • Splitting logs
  • Driving stakes
  • Clearing brush

Bushcraft Saws

Folding saws cut through wood efficiently when an axe is too heavy. Our rugged saws have blade covers and handguards:

  • Limb trees and harvest branches
  • Cut notches and joints for shelters
  • Prune brush around campsites
  • Trim branches and clear trails

Lightweight saws like the Silky Pocketboy slot easily into backpacks.


All-in-one multitools provide an arsenal of functions like pliers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, and knives:

  • Make gear repairs on the trail
  • Construct improvised camp items
  • Open cans and bottles
  • Remove splinters and thorns
  • Cut cord, rope, or clamps

Leatherman and Gerber multitools are TSA compliant for flying.

These field-tested bushcraft hand tools stand up to heavy use season after season. Gear up with quality hand tools for thriving outdoors.

Bushcraft Hand Tools FAQs

What steel is best for bushcraft knives? Look for high carbon tool steel which takes a keen edge but resists breakage.

How do I sharpen a bushcraft axe? Use a file to reshape damaged edges. Follow with a whetstone to polish to a razor edge. Protect the edge with oil.

What weight of axe is best for backpacking? Look for axes under 2 lbs. for backpacking. Full sized felling axes weigh closer to 5 lbs.

How durable are folding saws? Quality locking folding saws stand up well to rugged use. The blades can also be replaced when worn.