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Bushcraft Gear Essentials for the Outdoors

Bushcraft focuses on primal outdoor skills for wilderness survival. Having the right bushcraft gear and equipment can make all the difference when venturing into the wild. Our handpicked collection includes essential bushcraft tools, fire starters, knives, and more.

What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft refers to a set of wilderness survival skills used to thrive in the natural environment. Key areas of focus include:

  • Firecraft – Fire making skills without matches
  • Shelter building – Creating temporary shelters from nature
  • Foraging – Finding edible plants and hunting
  • Navigation – Orienting by sun, stars and land
  • Carving – Wood carving tools like axes and knives

Having quality gear supports these primal living abilities.

Essential Bushcraft Gear & Tools

Core bushcraft gear includes:

  • Fixed blade knives – Strong full tang knives for carving, food prep.
  • Ferrocerium rods – Emergency fire starters that create sparks.
  • Tarps & cordage – For building emergency shelters.
  • Multitools – All-in-one tools with knives, pliers, screwdrivers.
  • Axes & hatchets – Chopping tools for gathering firewood.
  • Canteens – Durable metal canteens for collecting water.
  • Compasses – Aid in navigation when GPS fails.

Quality bushcraft gear is durable and reliable for extended periods outdoors.

How to Choose the Best Bushcraft Gear

When selecting gear for bushcraft or survival adventures, consider these factors:

  • Materials – Durable metals, canvas, leather stand up to heavy use.
  • Portability – Backpack-friendly weight and compact storage size.
  • Multi-use – Items that serve more than one purpose.
  • Quality craftsmanship – Detailed construction and durable materials.
  • Reputation – Proven gear from trusted, reputable brands.

Invest in rugged, durable gear designed for a lifetime outdoors. Our handpicked selection is field tested tough.

Gear up with quality tools designed for thriving in the wilderness. These bushcraft essentials stand up to the demands of outdoor living. Read our Bushcraft Guide for Beginners to learn more about choosing the best bushcraft gear.

FAQs About Bushcraft

What are the most important items in a bushcraft kit? A fixed blade knife, fire starter, paracord, tarp, and metal pot are core essentials. A first aid kit and multi-tool also come in handy. Read this article about Bushcraft EDCs (Every Day Carry kits) and what gear is in to help you gear up.

What type of tarp is best for bushcraft shelters? Look for durable, waterproof tarps around 3mx3m in size. Ripstop silnylon packs small but is not as robust as canvas tarps. Our camping tarps guide offers more information about using tarps for camping.

Can bushcraft knives be used for food prep? Yes, full tang bushcraft knives serve well for food prep tasks like cleaning fish, chopping veggies, and carving. Look for high-carbon steel blades. Learn how to choose the best bushcraft knife.

How do you start a fire with a ferro rod? Strike the rod downward against a piece of flint to create sparks. Direct sparks into your tinder bundle until glowing. Gently blow to encourage flames.

Is bushcraft gear heavy to carry? With thoughtful selections, you can maintain a fairly lightweight pack under 20 lbs. Focus on multipurpose and packable gear.