Roaring Fire Gear Review – Durable and Rugged Gear Bags?

Looking for the perfect way to organize your tools, outdoor gear, and EDC (everyday carry) items? Then check out Roaring Fire’s Pioneer Tool Roll Bag and Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer. In this in-depth Roaring Fire Gear review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the features, benefits, use-cases and potential drawbacks of Roaring Fire’s offerings. Whether you’re a tradesman, hobbyist, outdoor enthusiast or simply want to organize your EDC more effectively, keep reading to learn why these products make excellent additions for keeping your essential gear secure while on the move.

An Overview of Roaring Fire Gear

Founded in 2018, Roaring Fire Gear creates rugged, dependable gear for all your organizing needs. Specializing in tool pouches, pocket organizers and backpacks, their products blend durable materials with thoughtful designs optimized for portability and ease of access.

The Pioneer Tool Roll and Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer stand out with their versatility, customizability and heavy duty construction:

  • Pioneer Tool Roll – This roll-up style tool bag has multiple storage options for hand tools, survival gear, tech accessories and more. Made from wax canvas with YKK zippers.
  • Picofire Pro – An EDC pocket organizer with 3 zippered pockets and 12 elastic loops for your everyday carry gear like flashlights, knives, keys and more. 500D nylon construction.

Built Tough for Demanding Use

Roaring Fire clearly designed these products with guys like us in mind – people who need gear that can withstand hardcore use trip after trip.

The waxed canvas and rugged nylon materials can take a beating while still protecting your must-have tools and items. Plenty of pockets and compartments make organizing your changing loads easy. Quick access remains top priority so you can grab what you need fast when it counts.

Roaring Fire Pioneer Mini Tool Roll Review

The Pioneer Mini Tool Roll is built to handle serious use keeping hand tools locked down tight through transport. Both mesh and fabric pockets secure tools safely while the water-resistant canvas shell shrugs off dirt with ease. Generous dimensions provide flexibility for custom gear arrangements. Heavy-duty buckles and straps keep the tool roll closed when rolled.

Roaring Fire Pioneer Mini Tool Roll Features and Specs:

Let’s start with a rundown of the product details:

  • Dimensions (Rolled) – 17.7 in x 7.87 in
  • Weight – 9.2 oz
  • Materials – Waterproof Waxed canvas, interior mesh pockets
  • Storage – 4 large insert pockets, 4 mesh pockets, 1 zippered pocket, 8 elastic loops
  • Hardware – Metal buckle, YKK zipper

The waxed canvas outer material feels durable and substantial. The Pioneer Mini Tool Roll is available in two colors: Moss Green or Rustic Brown. I like that there are lots of different ways you can store your tools or gear so you can choose which method is best for your gear. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it was to roll the pouch up, and the buckle makes it easy to quickly open.

Overall, I thought the Roaring Fire Pioneer Tool Rool was well-made with the organization-minded user in mind.

Application and Usage

The Pioneer Tool Roll lends itself nicely to a wide variety of applications including:

  • Tradesman’s Tools – wrenches, drivers, testers, pliers and more
  • Outdoor/Adventure – Survival gear, fire starting kit, first aid, knife, flashlight
  • Technology – chargers, cables, batteries, electronics accessories
  • Music/AV – microphones, headphones, adapters, cables

I use my Pioneer Mini Tool Roll to organize a few of my bushcraft and camping tools that I access constantly on camping trips and shelter builds. It easily fit a couple of knives, my firestarter kit, first aid, mini flashlight, and still had room for more. I like having lots of different compartment to keep things organized and easily accessible.

Even when filled, you could fit this tool pouch into a side our outer pocket so you can quickly access items without having to unpack anything. I love being able to unroll the tool roll and have all of my essential hand tools and gear organized and easily viewed in one place.

Pioneer Mini Tool Roll

Starting at $39.95

The Bottom Line

The Roaring Fire Pioneer Tool Roll delivers outstanding utility and rugged dependability. Thoughtful features provide versatile organization for your specific needs while premium materials ensure your gear stays secure on the move. If you need lots of storage in a durable portable package, the Pioneer Tool Roll Mini is a superb choice. It has quickly become one of my most used and appreciated pieces of EDC gear.

Roaring Fire Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer Review

For those who want the ultimate EDC pocket organizer, look no further than the Roaring Fire Picofire Pro Pocket Pouch. Built from durable materials with ample storage, it’s a convenient way to organize and carry your EDC gear.

Made with water-resistant 500D nylon and smooth YKK zippers, the Picofire Pro EDC bag expertly contains essential daily carry items in a slim, pocketable footprint. Flashlight, knife, keys, power bank – they all have a home in this pouch, keeping pockets under control so your hands are free for adventure.

Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer Features and Specs:

Here are the key details on this pocket-sized powerhouse:

  • Dimensions – 6.3 in x 4.33 in x 1 in
  • Weight – 3.5 oz
  • Materials – 500D nylon, YKK zippers
  • Storage – 3 zippered pockets, 1 insert pocket, 12 elastic loops, key holder
  • Colors – Black, MDE

Fresh out of the package, I noticed the Picofire Pro’ exudes quality’s craftsmanship with neat stitching, durable fabrics and smooth zipper operation. The color scheme and loop velcro field for custom patches give it a tactical feel. With ample storage in a slim footprint, it seemed ideally suited for organizing my EDC gear for everyday adventures.

Application and Usage

This pocket organizer takes the pain out of EDC by keeping your essential items neatly arranged and easily accessible. It’s perfectly sized for:

  • Everyday carry organizer – Flashlight, pocket knife, pen, keys
  • Technical EDC – Chargers, batteries, cables, memory cards
  • Survival/Bushcraft– Fire starter, knife, flashlight, first aid
  • And much more!

I was using an old tin to keep a lot of my EDC items, so I was excited to finally be able to put them in something more durable. Unlike having everything just thrown in a container, the Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer lets me put each item in it’s place. Lip balm, first aid, emergency blankets, and more – everything had a pocket it could be tucked into.

The compact size of the Picofire Pro enables it to easily slide into a pocket, backpack or handbag keeping your EDC organized without uncomfortable bulges.

Picofire Pro EDC Pouch

Starting at $21.99

The Bottom Line

The Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer is thoughtfully designed and expertly constructed to hold and organize your EDC. Durable, dependable and deceptively spacious, it simplifies everyday carry while keeping essentials protected yet easily accessible.

For anyone seeking quality EDC organization, the Picofire Pro is an exceptional value that outperforms similarly priced offerings. It will quickly become your most reached for accessory on daily adventures.

Is Roaring Fire Gear Worth It?

When it comes to organizing your EDC pocket goods or portable tools, Roaring Fire delivers offerings that are rugged, thoughtfully designed and packed with real world utility.

The Pioneer Tool Roll brings versatile, customizable organization in a padded protected roll-up format that takes portability to the next level.

The Picofire Pro Pocket Organizer takes pain out of EDC with ample storage and rugged construction keeping daily essentials secure while on the move.

Both products boast premium details and materials that ensure years of unrelenting performance for all your outdoor gear organizing needs.

Roaring Fire Gear Tactical Backpacks, Tool Roll Bags and Outdoor Gear

Starting at $16.99

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