BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern: Our Hands-On Review

Camping is one of life’s great joys. Waking up to the sunrise over a misty valley, cooking breakfast over a crackling fire, and gazing at the dazzling night sky are just a few of the simple pleasures of the outdoors. But while Mother Nature provides excellent views, she doesn’t always supply the lighting. That’s where the BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Camping Lantern comes in. In this AlpenGlow Mini lantern review, we’ll cover all the key features and benefits of this compact camping lantern. We’ll also share tips on how to make the most of its lighting modes and convenient design. By the end, you’ll know whether the BioLite AlpenGlow Mini is the perfect camping lantern for your next outdoor adventure.

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Features

Resembling a small hockey puck, the AlpenGlow Mini packs impressive performance into a lightweight package. It weighs just 98 grams, so you’ll barely notice it in your pack.

The lantern delivers two light levels:

  • 150 High Lumens: Perfect for navigating camp after dark or playing nighttime games. Runs for approximately 5 hours.
  • 5 Low Lumens: Ideal for tent reading or inside-the-shelter lighting. Lasts up to 40 hours per charge.

Thanks to the latest ChromaReal LED technology, the lantern offers 4 lighting modes that range from a simple warm white light to a range of color modes to set the mood. Choose from including

The BioLite AlpenGlow Mini relies on a rechargeable 1,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. It takes around 3 hours to fully recharge via the included USB-A to USB-C cable. The battery provides:

  • Up to 40 hours on low mode
  • 5 hours on high mode
  • Reserve battery life of 2 hours on low when the charge runs out

This gives you ample light for a couple of nights on the trail before needing to plug in to recharge.

The integrated bungee strap enables you to hang this lantern on a tent pole, branch or other supports up to 0.75″ in diameter for hands-free area lighting. Hang it in the middle of your tent to illuminate the whole interior. Wherever you need a glow, the AlpenGlow Mini can go.

The BioLite AlpenGlow Mini is a versatile lantern that packs a lot of light and features into a compact, portable package.

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern

Starting at $29.96

Biolite - AlpenGlow Mini Lantern - Ocean Teal

Designed to Withstand the Elements

When camping outdoors, you want gear that can last through a variety of weather. The AlpenGlow Mini lantern has an IPX4 water resistance rating. The rubber port covers help protect against moisture and the lantern can handle morning dew, splashes, and light rain.

While it can function in temperatures from -4° to 140°F, BioLite recommends you bring the AlpenGlowMini inside during freezing temperatures.

Setting the Mood: AlpenGlow Mini’s Customizable Color Modes

Standard camping lanterns tend to cast an ugly bluish-white glare reminiscent of fluorescent lighting. That’s where the AlpenGlow Mini sets itself apart. Thanks to the ChromaReal LEDs, it offers both warm, natural white light and vibrant color modes to set the mood. Choose from:

  • Warm white with dimming capabilities
  • A static single color like red, blue, green, or purple
  • 1-color cycling mode that smoothly transitions between hues
  • Horizon mode that mimics the shifting oranges and pinks of sunrise and sunset

Kids love cycling through the colors and choosing their favorite. As the sun sets, switch to calm, warm white lighting for playing board games or reading.

When it’s time for bed, dim the lantern to its minimum setting. The soft glow lets you find your way while keeping light pollution to a minimum. Close your eyes as the colored cycling pattern dances across the tent walls.

The AlpenGlow Mini’s customizable modes make it easy to set the perfect vibe from early evening excitement to pre-bed relaxation time.

AlpenGlow Mini Camping Lantern Review: Tech Specs

Before we get to the pros and cons, let’s recap the AlpenGlow Mini’s key technical specifications:

Dimensions75mm x 51mm (2.9″ x 2″)
Weight98 grams (3.45 oz)
Lumens150 max (high), 5 min (low)
Runtime40 hours (low), 5 hours (high)
Recharge TimeApproximately 3 hours
Lighting ModesWarm white w/ dimming, 1-color, cycling, horizon
Water ResistanceIPX4 rating
Operating Temperature-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
BatteryRechargeable 1,000 mAh lithium-ion (included)
ChargingUSB-A to USB-C cable included
BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Technical Specs

In short, the Mini lantern packs an impressive amount of performance in a lightweight, compact design. The key strengths and tradeoffs are as follows:

AlpenGlow Mini Camping Lantern Pros

  • Generous 150 max lumens brightly lights campsites
  • Warm white and color cycling options create fun mood lighting
  • Lightweight, compact size hardly takes up pack space
  • IPX4 water resistance handles the elements
  • Bungee strap offers multiple hands-free hanging options
  • Simple one-button operation turns on/off and changes modes
  • Built-in battery charges via included USB-C cable

Possible Cons to Consider

  • Shorter 5 hour run time at high power
  • Unable to take on multi-day camping trips without a power source

The AlpenGlow Mini’s smart design and handy features make it an excellent choice for most camping scenarios. The pros heavily outweigh the cons for on-the-go use.

For a budget-friendly rechargeable camping lantern under $50, the AlpenGlow Mini hits a sweet spot between brightness, features, portability, and price.

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern Lighting Up the Forest at Night
BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern at Night

Get the Right Light for Your Next Adventure

After testing it in multiple camping scenarios for this BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern review, I can confidently recommend the AlpenGlow Mini as an excellent lantern for backcountry trips, car camping, and any excursion in between.

It’s my new go-to camping lantern for lighting up tents, picnic tables, and nighttime hangouts around the campfire. Here’s a quick recap of the key benefits:

  • Generous 150 lumen maximum brightness for navigating at night
  • Multiple color modes including warm white for ambiance
  • Compact, featherweight design hardly adds pack weight
  • Integrated bungee offers hands-free placement options
  • USB recharging means no carrying extra batteries

The smart design touches make it much more useful, portable, and packable than bulky lanterns weighing you down at the bottom of your backpack.

So don’t get left in the dark on your next adventure! Pick up the BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern and bring a light to wherever you are.

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern

Starting at $29.96

Biolite - AlpenGlow Mini Lantern - Ocean Teal

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