What Is A Bushcraft EDC (Everyday Carry) and What Bushcraft Gear Should Be In Yours

A bushcraft EDC is a term you might see often when learning about bushcraft. But if you’re just getting started with bushcraft, you might wonder what exactly is an EDC?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. It describes a basic kit of bushcraft gear that you carry with you on a daily basis. A good EDC has a collection of gear and essentials that help prepare you for different bushcraft and survival scenarios. You’ll use the items in your EDC to create fire, gather water and food, built shelter, and for first-aid.

Usually, a bushcraft EDC can fit into a small bag or tin. The idea is it contains basic bushcraft essentials that you can easily carry or fit in your pocket.

Left to Right: Top Row – 1. Carabiner with Paracord and Compass; 2. Bandages, Lip Balm, Antibacterial Wipe, Neosporin; 3. Mini Multi-Tool; 4. Flashlight
Bottom Row – 5. Cold Steel Folding Knife; 6. Space Bag; 7. Ferro-rod & Steel

Now that you know what an EDC is, you might wonder what bushcraft gear should be in an Everyday Carry.

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Bushcraft EDC Gear Suggestions

The contents of your bushcraft Everyday Carry kit may vary based on your bushcraft skills, terrain, environment, and weather. Here are a few pieces of bushcraft gear that are commonly found in a bushcraft Everyday Carry.

Many people also include a wallet, cash, and smartphone as part of their EDC.

Note that this isn’t a firm list of bushcraft gear for an EDC. It’s meant to be a good starting point for things to consider keeping in your Everyday Carry kit or bag. Feel free to add and remove gear as you need.

One easy way to get a bushcraft EDC is to buy an already assembled survival kit. There are several survival kits available, like this Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit, that contain essential bushcraft and survival gear. These pre-assembled kits are a great starting point for building your own Everyday Carry.

Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit
Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit

After you put together your EDC, it’s a good idea to take a few small bushcraft trips with your kit to see which pieces of gear you use and don’t use. Add gear you wish you had and remove the items you discovered you don’t need to create your ideal kit. Remember that everyone’s skills and circumstances are different, so one person’s EDC will be different from another’s.

Once you’ve assembled your own EDC kit, you’ll be better prepared for your outdoor and wilderness adventures.

What gear do you pack in your Bushcraft EDC?

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