5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Bushcraft

As technology continues to invade our life, it’s worth taking the time to disconnect and spend more time outdoors, reconnecting to nature. Learning a few basic bushcraft skills offers many benefits and opportunities for your next wilderness adventure. Here are a few reasons everyone should learn to bushcraft.

Benefits to Learning Bushcraft

Basically, bushcraft is a set of survival skills that helps you live in an outdoor environment using the materials around you. There are several benefits for people who learn bushcraft skills.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Bushcraft - Great Views

Great Views

If they paved paradise to put up a parking lot, you might want to change your scenery. People who bushcraft often head out into the wilderness and nature to practice their skills. A bushcraft adventure provides an opportunity for some amazing views of nature and wildlife.

Good Exercise

With bushcraft, you pack and carry your gear. Hiking a couple of miles to and from a campsite with some extra weight on your back is a workout! If you practice your woodcraft skills, chopping trees and branches is a mini arm and shoulder workout too.

Learn Survival Skills

Learning to bushcraft is essentially learning survival skills. From building a shelter to starting a fire to foraging for food, you’ll learn a variety of skills to help you survive in the wilderness.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Bushcraft- Wildlife Neighbors

Wildlife Neighbors

No noisy neighbors in the wilderness! Unless you count the birds or the occasional calls of other wildlife. Imagine sleeping at your bushcraft basecamp and waking up to the soothing sounds of nature.

Build Confidence Outdoors

Many people who spend most of their lives in the city get a little intimidated with the thought of heading off the beaten path. What if they get lost? What if they can’t make a fire? The best way to overcome those fears is to practice bushcraft! You’ll learn skills to help you survive even if you do get lost, building your confidence to survive in the wilderness.

Most bushcraft skills aren’t hard to learn, but they do take practice. From the calming environment to confidence in survival, bushcraft skills are a great toolset to have. These are just a few of the reasons we think everyone should learn to bushcraft.

Bushcraft Charlie

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Bushcraft Charlie first developed his wilderness and survival skills in the suburbs of Maryland. After relocating to Montana, he's continued to spend time outdoors - hiking the Rocky Mountains and practicing bushcraft skills like shelter building and fire making.

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