Bushcraft Gear List for Overnight Camps

Whether you’re planning a solo overnight bushcraft trip or heading out with a bushcraft buddy, you need to have the right gear for overnight camps. This bushcraft gear list puts together popular bushcraft and survival gear for overnight bushcraft camping trips.

When camping overnight, you’re going to want to take the time to build and prepare a basecamp. You need to the right survival equipment to help you build your basecamp, collect food and water, and gather fire and shelter materials.

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Bushcraft Gear List for Overnight Camps

Basic Bushcraft Gear

1. First Aid KitTo treat unexpected burns, cuts, scrapes, etc. A must for every hike.

2. Canteen or Water Bottle – To carry your water and help you stay hydrated.

3. Bushcraft Knife For carving, cutting, trimming, and various other bushcraft skills.

Morakniv Companion Spark Knife with Fire Starter
Morakniv Companion Spark Knife with Fire Starter

4. Headlamp – A backup light source for dark nights.

5. Bushcraft Axe – For cutting poles for your lean-to, chopping firewood and trimming trees

6. Folding Saw – Cutting down trees is even easier with this compact saw.

7. Toiletries – To maintain hygiene while you’re in the woods. Don’t forget toilet paper and wet wipes.

8. Compass & Map – So you don’t get lost in the woods.

Slumberjack Satellite Tarp

Bushcraft Gear for Your Shelter

9. Tarp – For building a quick shelter.

10. Sleeping Bag – To stay warm while sleeping.

If you’re camping outdoors for many nights, or if you don’t mind the added pack weight, a sleeping pad makes sleeping on the ground a bit more comfortable.

Firecraft Materials for Building a Fire

11. Ferro Rod or Flint and Steel – To help get the fire started.

Gerber Fire Starter
Gerber Fire Starter

Bushcraft Equipment for Water and Food

12. Metal Mug – Useful as a cup for hot or cold drinks, or to cook smaller portions.

13. Water Purifier – To make sure your water is safe to drink (if boiling isn’t convenient.)

14. Billy Can or Cooking Pot – For cooking meals, melting snow, boil water, and more.

15. Spork – While you can always carve your own utensils, a spork makes eating meals a bit less messy.

LifeStraw® Personal Water Filter

Beyond the bushcraft gear we’ve mentioned here, you’ll also want to make sure you bring food and spices (or just the seasonings if you plan on catching your own food.)

Also, ensure you have enough clothing that’s suitable for the temperatures you are camping in. Wearing layers of clothing allows you to adjust what you’re wearing according to your level activity and the temperatures you’re in.

What are your favorite items to bring on your overnight bushcraft camps?

Bushcraft Charlie

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Bushcraft Charlie first developed his wilderness and survival skills in the suburbs of Maryland. After relocating to Montana, he's continued to spend time outdoors - hiking the Rocky Mountains and practicing bushcraft skills like shelter building and fire making.

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