3 Different Bushcraft Methods to Hang Your Cooking Pot Over a Camp Fire Using High Bar Suspension

One thing many people who bushcraft enjoy is cooking meals over an open campfire. The smoke, the char, and the great outdoors all make bushcraft meals a unique experience. There are a few different ways you can cook over a fire, such as simply over a flame or using a tripod. With this post, we’re going to look at how you can hang your camping cooking pot over the fire with a High Bar (or Spit.)

A high bar or spit is easy to build and doesn’t require any twine or rope to put together. It’s simply made with two forked, upright sticks with a green high bar suspended across the two forks. Take care that the upright sticks aren’t too short to ensure your pot has enough room to hang.

Another advantage to using a high bar is that you can hang multiple pots over a fire. So you can have one pot boiling water while another is cooking food.

Once you’ve built your high bar suspension, you’ll need to make pot hangers so you can hang your cooking pot over your fire. Here are three different ways to make hangers for a pot.

3 Different Bushcraft Methods to Hang Your Cooking Pot Over a Camp Fire Using High Bar Suspension

Use a V-Hook

The easiest pot hanging method is to use a green branch that’s shaped like a “V” (at the branch junctions.) Cut just below the junction so you have your V-shaped branch. Cut one of the arms of the V to be shorter so you can easily hook it over the suspension bar. At the end of the now longer end, notch out a groove to hang your pot on.

Make a Hanging Loop

The next method is to use a thick or vine or flexible branch like willow. You need to be able to bend the branch into a loop without it snapping. Again, we’re going to want a V-shaped piece, with one end cut shorter than the other. But this time, the shorter end is what you’ll hook your bail on. What you’re going to do is carefully loop the longer end, making an oval shape. The loop is what will hang over your spit, so check the length to ensure your pot will hang at the proper height. Where the loop crosses itself, cut a small slit into the thicker part of the vine or branch. Then, carefully slide the thinner end into the slit. A small notch on the end, locking it in place, will help maintain the shape.

Build a Bushcraft Pot Hanger

Finally, we have the most complex of the three methods to make a pot hanger. This will require multiple bushcraft skills, including knife work and batoning. Make sure you have a solid bushcraft knife if you plan on making this type of pot holder.

For this method, you’re going to look for a nice green branch and split it about half-way through. One each side of the split, cut a small split. You’re going to carve another piece of wood down so it can fit through those slits. After the thin piece of wood is in, take the split sides of the first branch and pull them apart. You should now have a Y-shaped branch with a piece of wood going across the arms of the Y. Cut a locking notch on the bottom of the Y to hang your pot.

This video by BushcraftBartons does a great job detailing how to make a pot hanger using 3 of these methods.

The High Bar Suspension For Hanging Pots In The Bush!!

What’s your favorite method to hang a cooking pot over a camp fire?

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