7 Best Bushcraft Subscription Boxes for 2023 – Camping, Survival, and Outdoor Gear

February 27, 2023

Gear up for your next outdoor adventure with a bushcraft subscription box. Bushcraft subscription boxes send you monthly or quarterly boxes filled with gear and accessories for bushcraft, camping, wilderness survival, and other outdoor activities. We’ve found the best bushcraft subscription boxes to help you find the box that’s right for you. Check out our complete list of bushcraft subscription boxes for even more great monthly subscription boxes for outdoor gear and essentials.

1. BattlBox

BattlBox is an outdoor subscription box that delivers a variety of survival, EDC gear, and more epic outdoor gear right to your door. Subscribers receive field-tested, hand-selected items for camping, survival, EDC, and outdoor adventures. Items include manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear, survival tools, camp equipment, and more. Choose from 4 subscriptions featuring a variety of items, starting at $29.99/month.


Starting at $29.99/month

BattleBox Subscription Box

2. The Nomadik

The Nomadik is the premium outdoor subscription box for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Each box delivers innovative gear with a guaranteed $50 retail value per box (up to $70.) The Nomadik boxes are curated based on seasons and activities and include gear, tools, accessories, food/energy, education, and inspiration. You’ll discover new brands and experiences while you add quality gear where you need it. Subscriptions start at $32.95 per month with discounts for 6 month ($31.25/month) and 12 month ($29.99/month) subscriptions.

The Nomadik

Starting at $29.99/month

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The Nomadik Subscription Box


Many bushcrafters enjoy fishing up their own meals. MONSTERBASS is the best fishing subscription box for bass fishing. Every month, subscribers receive a box full of the best bass fishing tackle. Regional boxes are available so you’ll only get hand-picked baits and lures designed for fishing in your region. There are three MONSTERBASS boxes offering more gear options and regional selections. Subscriptions start at $28.00 per month, with discounts for 3 month ($25.00/month), 6 month ($24.00/month) and 12 month ($23.34/month) subscriptions.


Starting at $28.00/month

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4. Crate Club

Crate Club is a tactical survival subscription box built by Navy SEALS and Special Operations Forces professionals. Each box features premium military grade gear handpicked by Special Ops professionals. From first-aid kits to high-quality outdoor gear, Gerber multi tools to tactical backpacks and more, Crate Club crates have you covered. Crate Club offers two levels of subscriptions – their Captain Crate, starting at $99.99 per quarters, has a $200+ retail value. The General crate starts at $399.99 per month and has a $700+ retail value.

Crate Club

Starting at $99.99/quarter

Crate Club

5. THiNK OUTSiDE Boxes

The THiNK OUTSiDE monthly box is a great way to get kids excited about getting away from the screen and into the outdoors. Designed for kids ages 7+, each box is filled with 3-5 pieces of outdoor gear, activities, resources, and other items to encourage kids to start exploring nature. THiNK OUTSiDE subscriptions are $39.95 per month, with discounts for Quarterly ($36.95/month) and Annual ($33.95/month) subscriptions.


Starting at $33.95/month

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THiNK OUTSiDE Subscription Box

6. Steel To Reel Club

Steel To Reel Club one of kind survival and outdoor subscription box that sends you top survival gear. Every month, their expert team of survivalists and veterans uses the knowledge of a combined 10,000+ hours of training to hand-pick the best survival and outdoor gear for your box. Steel to Reel Club boxes feature a variety of survival, EDC, and outdoor gear from name brands related to survival, fishing, hunting, camping, as well as general outdoor supplies. Subscriptions start at $66.99/month with discounts for 3 month ($64.00/month) and 12 month ($55.00/month) subscriptions.

7. Barrel & Blade – Monthly Tactical Subscription Box

Be prepped and ready for any situation with the Barrel & Blade monthly tactical subscription box. Your monthly tactical box will field-tested, expert approved tactical, survival, EDC, and other gear such as tactical bags, flashlights, binoculars, and knives. Barrel & Blade offers two subscription tiers – Beginner Level 1 ($85+ average box value) or Elite Level 2 ($175+ average box value.) Level 1 subscriptions are $49.99 per month and Level 2 subscriptions are $99.99 per box.

From inspiring kids to learn bushcraft and outdoor skills to delivering high-quality, premium outdoor gear for your pack, these bushcraft subscription boxes are a fun way to gear up. Each box has a retail value higher than what you paid, plus you’ll regularly get the opportunity to try new gear and brands. You may even find new favorites! Which bushcraft subscription box do you want to try first?

Best Bushcraft Subscription Boxes

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