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Welcome outdoor enthusiasts! The Bushcraft Base Camp Outdoor Adventures Camping and Recreation Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to outdoor recreation including bushcraft, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and more. Getting outside provides immense benefits for our physical and mental health. Our goal is to help you learn new skills, find amazing outdoor activities, stay safe, and gear up for adventure!

Outdoor recreation has surged in popularity over the last few years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many turned to nature when other activities were limited. Spending time outdoors offers stress relief, exercise, and quality time with loved ones. While social distancing guidelines have loosened, the desire for spending more time outdoors and in nature remains strong.

Our goal is to inform and inspire readers of all experience levels. We cover trip planning, outdoor skills, gear reviews, destination guides, how-to’s, safety tips, and much more. You’ll find in-depth articles to help plan your next camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking excursion. Guides show how to start a fire, build a shelter, fish in the river, and more wilderness skills.

Whatever your outdoor interests, we hope to spark new passions for the great outdoors. Nature offers endless opportunities for learning, growth and fun. With thoughtful practices, we can also protect these wild places for future generations. Let us help you plan your next meaningful outdoor excursion!

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